Governing Councillors

MTA NSW Executive Board and Governing Councillors

The MTA NSW Executive Board consists of 10 representatives elected by the Governing Council to serve on the Executive Board for a term of 2 years. The Executive Board meets on a regular basis and is responsible for monitoring the Associations financial, strategic and governance key objectives to ensure that the issues of members and the automotive industry are being served.

Elections for the Executive Board and Governing Council are conducted every two years. The Governing Council provides a forum for the reviewing of general matters relating to the automotive industry, trade divisions and relevant policies. The Council also acts as a conduit for the flow of information to, and the representation of members’ interests. The MTA NSW Executive Board consists of Governing Councillors elected by them in a separate ballot, following the completion of the election of Governing Councillors representing the various Divisions of the Association.

MTA NSW Management

The MTA NSW Management Team is responsible for the management and operational functions of the Association to ensure that the vision, mission and objectives, including automotive industry and member representation, are addressed.

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