Our Values


Our Mission

‘Become Australia’s Leading Organisation, providing innovative business services of superior value’.

Our Vision

“MTA driving innovation for a sustainable future”

Our Values

To ensure that MTA continues to be a dynamic and forward-thinking organisation into the future, we have developed a Vision and Mission, along with a set of eight core values. These values are our 'guiding star' and are used as a reference point for everything we do, helping to steer the direction we take as a group to deliver the best outcomes for our stakeholders. 


Innovative and fresh thinking

To advance, we must stay open to new technologies, adapt to ever changing market conditions and be curious and nurturing of new ideas and processes.

Trust, open, honest and respect

These are proven qualities for business success that we hold in the highest regard, leading to our customers and stakeholders wanting to associate with MTA NSW for life.

Customer focused

Our customers are the reason we're in business - they're our number one priority. We're here to service their needs to a high standard and by doing so we'll grow our customer base.

Reputation and be socially responsible

We live by our reputation. A great reputation leads to customer growth and retention. Being socially responsible and 'giving back' to communities helps build our reputation and standing across the industry.

Do as we promise

Reliability and accountability lets our customers know that they can count on us - it's important to back our words with meaningful actions.

Passion, delight and surprise

The motor trades sector is our industry - it's more than just a job for us, it's an all-encompassing passion, and this can be seen in our attitudes to provide an exceptional customer experience.

Motivate and grow

To grow we must push the boundaries of our comfort zones and not be content with the familiar - be motivated to take a step into less familiar territories.

Community and united

A team mentality is vital for our ongoing success. A united, community outlook allows us to leverage our strong relationships and assist stakeholders for the benefit of all parties.
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