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Welcome to the Australian Heavy Vehicle Repairers Association

The AHVRA is an Association of Commercial Vehicle Accident Repair Specialists.

Our Members specialise in accident repairs to a huge range of trucks, trailers and all forms of commercial vehicles and equipment.

AHVRA is the National network representing the heavy vehicle accident repair industry along with Australian Motor Industry Federation member businesses, State automotive industry associations, National Heavy Vehicle Regulator, Commercial Vehicle Insurers and other relevant groups.

AHVRA continually seeks to implement improvements in the industry and strives to lift the standards of truck repairs through technology, techniques and practices.

We are recognised throughout the industry for our focus on driving industry best practice and repair methods, applying the Principals of the MVIRI Code of Conduct, liaising with Government Departments & relevant body’s to improve Industry standards and practices; and establishing conduits for the consideration and resolution of problems affecting the Industry and all stakeholders.

Our Membership represents the largest, and longest established, group of Commercial Accident Repairers in Australia.

All Members are subject to a strict criteria and audit process, guaranteeing repairs to the highest industry standards with the aim of growing to include all reputable Heavy Vehicle Accident Repair Specialists

Heavy Vehicle Smash Repairers across Australia are invited to make an application to join the AHVRA to continue to promote the Association. ***Click here to Become a Member***

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