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MTA NSW Employment Relations Department


The majority of the services offered by the MTA Employment Relations team are complimentary and form part of your membership with the MTA.    



The Employment Relations team provides a wide range of advice to employers and can answer all your questions that relate to recruitment, managing staff during employment (including payroll advice) and guiding you through the process on how to deal with an employee once their employment comes to an end.


Below gives you an overview of the services we provide:


Pre-employment advice:

  • Assistance with classifying staff under the relevant Award.
  • Providing up to date rates of pay under the applicable Award and explaining how different provisions apply under the relevant Award (e.g. overtime and penalty rates).
  • Drafting and reviewing Letters of Offer and Employment Contracts and providing template letters and contracts.
  • Job descriptions for most roles within the industry.
  • Assist with the recruitment of apprentices.

Advice provided during staff employment:

  • Provide up to date rates of pay, as determined by the Fair Work Commission every July.
  • Assist with the day to day Human Resource issues you face (e.g. assisting with probationary periods; disciplining staff members; what to do if an employee has abandoned their employment; issuing formal warnings; terminating employees and responding to employee requests/claims).
  • Assist you with payroll enquiries (e.g. advice as to allowances that may be payable to your employee’s; explain how leave entitlements work; how to work out overtime; explain how RDO’s accrue, how jury duty works and is paid and how parental leave works, etc)
  • Draft employment contracts for existing staff members who don’t already have a contract of employment (they are necessary and protect you!).
  • Provide policies and procedures for you to implement in your business as needed.
  • Assist with any workers compensation claims you may receive.
  • Explain the process that needs to be followed for you to legally closedown your business for a period (e.g. over Christmas).
  • Help you through a redundancy process, ensuring the correct procedure is followed.
  • Assist you with your legal responsibilities if you choose to sell or close down your business.
  • Work Health and Safety advice, policies, Emergency Plans and how to set up a WHS Management System.
  • Training courses on Employment Relations, WHS and Managing Bullying and Harassment claims and policies and procedures.

Post-employment advice:

  • Advice about required notice periods when an employee resigns or is terminated.
  • Calculation of annual leave and long service leave payable on termination.
  • Assist with gathering any information ex-employees may request (e.g. wage information or information for when they went on leave), and informing you of when you need to provide such information.
  • Represent you in unfair dismissal and general protection claims, discriminatory claims, bullying and harassment claims, etc., that may be brought against the business and assist with wage claims (e.g. long service leave claims and underpayment claims).



Work Health and Safety (WH&S) Training and Audits

  • If you want to be proactive, or if you have received a complaint through SafeWork or another regulatory body, we can assist. We provide specialised training and audits to ensure your workplace is compliant with legislative requirements. The cost of this training and the audits we provide is minimal compared to other companies that provide the same service.
  • WH&S Manuals/Policies can also be drawn up for your business, free of charge.

Representation in industrial claims

  • Our qualified advisors can represent you in industrial claims you may be faced with. Such claims include underpayment claims, unfair dismissal claims or general protections claims.
  • Our specialised advisors are a much more cost-effective alternative to employing a solicitor and can use their years of experience and specialised knowledge to minimise the cost of any claim you may be faced with.

Employment Relations Training Courses

  • Employment obligations and managing termination course conducted in conjunction with MTA Training – this is conducted 10 to 15 times per year and provides industry specific training on the Award, National Employment Standards and Managing Termination.
  • Member based courses on Human Resource Management and Payroll obligations, Bullying and Harassment training for management and employees, Personalised Employment Information Service upon request.  



Employment Relations Information System (ERIS)

  • ERIS is an interactive, current and comprehensive MTA members' only employment relations system that caters for the retail motor industry.
  • ERIS lets you be the expert! Online annual & long service leave calculators, plus vehicle & clerks Award with MTA commentary.
  • You will have access to industry specific policy builder, disciplinary database manager, 1000+ pro forma documents, PLUS email alerts and updates.
  • ERIS comprises of AutoSafe (Vehicle Industry WH&S Software), which is a database that allows you to keep a complete register of WH&S records.


  • AutoPay was designed and built exclusively for the automotive industry by industry stakeholders. It is the only payroll system backed and endorsed by MTA NSW.
  • AutoPay's simple and effective to use of cloud based interfaces allows you to not only manage your business payroll, but create custom made additions (or simply use MTA's Award based global options) with ease.
  • With PAYG, Pay, Leave Liability, Superannuation, and Fringe Benefit Reports, it’s never been easier to keep track of your payroll affairs and reconcile your pay data. Many employers do not realise that it is a legal requirement to keep payroll and leave records for seven years. AutoPay stores this information and is an easy tool for bringing up this information, if/when required. 


We encourage all MTA members to utilise our Employment Relations advisory service. A quick phone call or email may save you a lot of money by avoiding a possible costly underpayment claim, unfair dismissal claim or even a bullying and harassment claim.

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