COVID-19 News

Exemptions for Heavy Vehicle Drivers at Rest Stops

The Australian Health Protection Principal Committee (AHPPC) and the National Cabinet have approved an exemption for roadhouses, dedicated truck stop facilities and truck driver lounges to remain open so Australia’s heavy vehicle drivers have access to showers, restrooms and facilities to undertake their mandated fatigue management breaks.
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Public Health Order – Leaving Home

The New South Wales State Government released on the evening of the 30th March, 2020 an updated Public Health Order (PHO) being Public Health (COVID – 19 Restrictions on Gathering and Movement) Order 2020. The essence of the new PHO was to state that people “must not, without reasonable excuse, leave a persons’ place of residence”. The PHO goes onto to set out a number of exceptions to this blanket rule.
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Border Closures NSW/QLD Border Crossings - Covid – 19

Members will have heard that the Queensland Government has announced further restrictions on people movement into and out of the state of Queensland, to assist in the prevention of the spreading of Covid-19 virus. These new measures commence at 12midnight this evening the 25th March, 2020. It is important that Members appreciate that exceptions to these rules apply to the normal operation of their businesses. The measures to take effect are:
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MTA NSW Welcomes Both Federal and State Government Stimulus Packages

The Motor Traders’ Association of NSW (MTA NSW), an Employers Association representing over 3,000 automotive businesses in NSW, has welcomed both the Federal Government and NSW Government recent stimulus measures, citing a number of benefits for its Members.
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Good Hygiene Practices When Servicing Customers’ Vehicles

There is evidence that the Caronavirus (COVID-19) spreads from person to person. Some reports suggest the virus can last for several days on surfaces including plastics found in vehicles. Good Hygiene can prevent infection from coronavirus as well as the common flu.
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NSW Government Announces $2.3 Billion Health Boost and Economic Stimulus

As you may be aware, the NSW Government today a major $2.3 billion health boost and economic stimulus package to protect the community and help protect jobs in response to the current Coronavirus situation. This package has two key components: $1.6 billion in tax cuts to support jobs and $700 million in extra health funding.
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Federal Government Economic Response to the Coronavirus

As you would be aware, the Federal Government recently announced an economic stimulus package in response to the current Coronavirus situation. This assistance is designed to support businesses to manage cash flow and help businesses retain their employees and are specifically designed to support small and medium businesses. Small businesses will also receive a wage subsidy for apprentices and trainees to help retain a skilled workforce.
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The Australian Heavy Vehicle Repairers Association (AHVRA) represents the heavy vehicle accident repair industry at a national level.



Created by MTA NSW, the Employment Relations Information System (ERIS) is a web based interactive employment relations system.


Green Stamp

Green Stamp is an environmental program that aims to help businesses achieve environmental compliance.


MTA Training

MTA Training delivers innovative and flexible, industry focused training and prides itself on producing quality outcomes.



The Service Station Association (SSA) is a division of MTA NSW representing businesses within the petroleum industry.

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