Not Eligible for Job Keeper

Important Message to businesses which are not eligible for Job Keeper

Please complete short survey in attached link below

MTA NSW sent out a bulletin on 15 May 2020 to members advising that a new Schedule I – Award Flexibility during the COVID – 19 Pandemic, has been inserted in the Vehicle Repair, Services and Retail Award 2020 (VMRSR Award) to assist member business’ which  are not eligible for job keeper to utilise a range of award flexibilities during the pandemic. The Schedule was approved by the Fair Work Commission (FWO) as it was recognised that sectors of the Automotive industry has been severely impacted by the pandemic.

The FWC inserted the new Schedule in the VMRS Award on a temporary basis which is operative only between 11 May 2020 to 30 June 2020. However, this time frame can be extended if it can be demonstrated that businesses in the repair, services and retail sector continue to be adversely affected by the pandemic and are utilising the flexibilities set out in the Schedule.

The Schedule only applies to:  

  • businesses who are not eligible for JobKeeper, and
  • non-eligible employees (i.e. employees employed after 1 March 2020) employed by a business qualified to receive the JobKeeper payment, and
  • businesses covered by the VRSR Award.

Award flexibilities     

The Schedule allows for variation to following award provisions.  Click links below to view flexibilities  

The link below leads you to a very short survey seeking your input. Can you please respond by Tuesday 16 June 2020.   

Click here to launch Survey


If you have any questions or would like to have a more detailed discussion, please get in touch with Stephen Jenkins General Counsel and Head of Employment Relations on 02 9016 9031.

Thank you for  participating in the survey which will assist us in continuing to give businesses some award flexibilities beyond 30 June 2020.

Any information regarding name and email address of businesses will be treated as strictly confidential.


If you have any further queries regarding this survey, please contact the MTA NSW Employment Relations Department on P: 02 9016 9000 or by E: [email protected].


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