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Congratulations to Ben Boyd Service Station

The Shell Dealer Conference was held on 8th March. During the event, Ben Boyd Service Station in Eden received several awards from Shell Australia, acknowledging ten years of service as a Shell Distributor and for their record inexcellence of sales and customer service.

Service Station Proprietor, Marty Davidson has owned the business for 30 years and admits there have been some unique challenges operating a service station in a remote location, such as getting fuel supplies from Parramatta.

Over the 30 years of business, Mr Davidson has also witnessed the changing nature of the industry, with the introduction of computerised and hybrid technology in vehicles.

Mr Davidson maintains that the support of the local customers in the region of Eden helps to sustain his business.

Source: The Eden Magnet, Wednesday, 21st March 2018

MTA NSW would like to extend congratulations to Mr Davidson and the staff at Ben Boyd Service Station who have certainly worked very hard to receive this recognition.

It is great to see one of our Members being recognised in this way!

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