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Fail to Pay/Drive-Offs for Fuel - Changes Reporting to Police

The offence of Fail to Pay (also known as Drive-Offs) is an ongoing concern of the service station industry and wider community. Hence, the NSW Police has taken steps to standardise the way that these offences are reported by the service station industry to the Police. This will assist the Police to identify, investigate and prosecute people who commit this crime. The new process involves the introduction of a new form that is available from the internet. Police attendance at every offence of this type will now no longer be necessary.

The New Method

Previously all calls to Police reporting a Drive-Off are made to the local Police Station or to PoliceLink Command. Thereafter, Police previously came to the service station to take the crime report.

From this point on, this process will change and a new form will be on the internet that service station representatives will be required to complete. The form can be located after clicking the following link: Fail to Pay for Fuel

The form will have to be completed to the best of the ability of the service station representative and ideally it would be best if it was completed by the actual witness of the offence.

This form can be completed "on-line" prior to printing and faxing it. All information sought by Police in the form is critical to any investigation and everything that is recorded is taken into account. It is important that the report of the matter is made to PoliceLink Command at the earliest opportunity to maximise the chance of Police being able to identify the person who failed to pay for the petrol product.

The form then must be faxed to PoliceLink Command on (02) 4353 4948. A reply fax will be sent to to the reporting service station with an Event Number as well as contact information of the local Police Station.

The report will be assessed at the local station (Local Area Command) and the Police will make contact about the investigation process. When the investigation commences an Officer will contact the service station to a make time when you will be asked to come to the station to supply a formal statement and bring in any CCTV of the incident should you have it.

If, for some reason, the form can't be accessed on the on-line domain please contact the local police and ask that a copy be either faxed or delivered to the service station.

This site also has a number of helpful hints to assist the service station industry to protect itself from fraud and other associated crime. A form was previously published on this site. This form has been replaced with what is now published below.

Contact your local Police Station should you require further information about this project and we thank you for your co-operation.

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