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SSA Bulletin - UPSS Transition Committee

As you would be aware the Local Councils across NSW now regulate the majority of UPSS sites in NSW.  The EPA regulated these sites from 2008 until 1 September 2019 and a compliance self-assessment program conducted by the EPA in 2019 indicated a relatively high level of compliance with UPSS regulatory requirements in the industry.

The Service Station Association (MTA NSW), petroleum industry and local government have previously expressed concerns about the capacity of local councils to regulate UPSS sites consistently due to a perceived lack resources, training and expertise.  As a result of this feedback a UPSS Transition Committee has been established by the EPA to monitor the transition process.

The committee is proposed to meet approximately 6-monthly with the first meeting on 26 November 2019 and subsequent meetings in March and September 2020.  The committee will meet until at least 12 months has elapsed from the UPSS transition date (i.e. 1st September 2020) and only meet thereafter if there is a consensus that it is still required.

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