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Weekly Petrol Prices Report – Australian Institute of Petroleum 8 September

AIP’s comprehensive weekly report on fuel prices assists in better understanding the factors influencing retail prices in Australia. Independently sourced data shows trends and the very close links between the international and wholesale factors influencing Australian pump prices. This important report provides timely, factual data you can use to assess the numerous, often unsubstantiated, claims about fuel prices.

The latest edition of the AIP Weekly Petrol Prices Report is available from All data, charts and tables in this Report are based on the latest available market data to Sunday, 12 May. Reports from the previous four weeks are also available from the same link.
Fuel prices “At-a-Glance”, across all major fuels and international and domestic markets, is also available from

Key Highlights from Last Week

International Prices (A$ terms)

  • Crude: the weekly average price for Tapis crude oil fell by 0.4 cents last week to 58.7 cents per litre
  • Petrol: the weekly average price for MOPS95 Petrol was down by 2.1 cents last week to 63.1 cents per litre
  • Diesel: the weekly average price for Diesel (Gasoil 10ppm sulfur) was down by 0.7 cents last week to 69.3 cents per litre

Australian Prices

  • Petrol: the national average wholesale (TGP) petrol price was down by 0.3 cents last week to 129.0 cents per litre
  • Diesel: the national average wholesale (TGP) diesel price remained the same as last week at 134.6 cents per litre


  • Petrol: the national average retail petrol price rose by 1.6 cents last week to 140.2 cents per litre
  • Petrol: the national weekly average 'metropolitan' retail petrol price rose by 2.4 cents last week to 140.4 cents per litre
  • Petrol: the national weekly average 'regional' retail petrol price fell by 0.2 cents last week to 139.7 cents per litre
  • Diesel: the national average retail diesel price fell by 0.1 cent last week to 146.8 cents per litre

Other Pricing Information

A ‘Weekly Diesel Prices Report’ is available from the AIP website (

Also available are copies of AIP’s factsheets on petrol and diesel prices and the Australian fuel market (see
AIP has now made available, for download, historical terminal gate price (TGP) data for Petrol and Diesel (see
For more detailed information and data on Australian wholesale and retail petrol prices, see
For more detailed information and data on International prices, see the latest edition of the International Energy Agency’s Oil Market Report at: (summary/highlights) or (full report).
We hope you find this information valuable.

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