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The SSA is often asked for comment by the media, on issues impacting our members, the oil industry and petrol prices. Please find the following selection of media appearances, newspaper articles, radio and television interviews.

Media comments are provided by the MTA NSW Chief Executive Officer and enquiries can be made by contacting the Marketing and Communication team by P: (02) 9016 9000 or E:

26 October 2015 : Vapour Recovery 2 - Colin Long interviewed on the Alan Jones Breakfast program

Following an article in the Sydney Sun Herald on 13 September 2015 where an MTA member, Diann Melas (Budget Petrol Group) Senior Division Manager Service Station Association MTA Colin Long, were interviewed and quoted on the subject of vapour recovery 2 at service stations, and the high overhead cost that is being forced upon existing service stations, many of them members of the MTA.

Alan Jones took up the Sun Herald article on his morning 2GB breakfast program on 7 October 2015, and following his introductory remarks (see below) he then interviewed Colin Long on the issue on air.

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12 February 2015 : Country Petrol Prices. Colin Long defends SSA Division Members on Country Pricing Issues

Prime 7 News

Petrol - slow to fall and quick to rise? (video)

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23 August 2014 : Petrol's volatile price cycle has industry observers baffled

Camden Haven Courier

Cheap Tuesdays are long gone, but Sydney's petrol price cycle is becoming increasingly "volatile" and "inconsistent", according to industry observers, who are at a loss to explain why.

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7 March 2014 : ABC AM Extras with Sarah Dingle

Cootes handed ultimatum by NSW Government over safety issues.

The New South Wales Roads Minister says the troubled Cootes Transport has lost his confidence and has a fortnight to prove its vehicles should stay on the state's roads. The organisation which represents independent service stations says there will be supply issues if Cootes is taken off the roads and the big oil companies should go back to maintaining their own trucking fleets to ensure safety and supply.

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6 March 2014 : ABC News Radio

Colin Long interviewed on ABC Radio re Cootes Transport trucks facing NSW roads ban over hundreds of safety defects 7 the impact on fuel deliveries

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26 February 2014 : Media Release

Greg Patten CEO of MTA NSW regarding Petrol shopper dockets.

18 February 2014 : 702 ABC Breakfast Sydney

Colin Long Interviewed on radio 702 ABC Breakfast Sydney by Robbie Buck concerning likely petrol shortages as a result of further Cootes trucks taken off the road following RMS inspections.

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31 January 2014 : 2GB Interview Ross Greenwood Money Matters

Interview regarding the announcement by Shell Australia that they are selling their entire service station network in Australia plus their 2 refinery sites, Clyde in Sydney & Geelong in Victoria.

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10 January 2014 : Sydney Morning Herald

Colin Long quoted in Sydney morning Herald article (page 16)

Exxon Mobil & 7-Eleven have agreed that Mobil will brand its products at 7-Eleven service stations. A few years back, Mobil sold its service stations to 7-Eleven, but now wants to protect the integrity & quality of the Mobil petrol brand, and hence, an agreement has been reached. 7-Eleven will continue to run the outlets, but petrol sold from the outlets will be branded Mobil.

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9 January 2014 : Queensland Courier Mail

Colin Long is quoted in the Queensland Courier Mail on January 9th, 2014, standing up for independent service station members in the petrol pricing debate.

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