MTA Jobs Board Coming Soon

Currently, many businesses are not running at full capacity because there are no skilled workers to hire. It’s no secret that we’re currently in a skills shortage, with the national skills gap in the automotive industry at 38,000 and growing. Productivity and profitability suffer and in the worst case, businesses could shut down.

One of the biggest issues with the skills shortage is linking employers with quality job seekers, which is why we’re developing a jobs board that focuses on the automotive industry. The goal for the MTA Jobs Board is to provide a platform that allows employers to access a large pool of skilled automotive job seekers. This provides you with a seamless hiring process so you can save time, stress less, and focus on your business.

The MTA Jobs Board will be launching early next month. Keep an eye out on our socials for the official launch announcement, or if you're a Member, you will receive an email announcing the launch offering a free 'enhanced' job listing.


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