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Founded in 1910, the Motor Traders' Association of New South Wales (MTA NSW) is an employers Association and registered training organisation, dedicated to representing business owners and business principals in the NSW automotive industry.

Our aim is to help the motor industry. We achieve this by assisting our members in the daily running of their businesses, as well as lobbying governing bodies to ensure a long and viable automotive industry in NSW. We regularly offer advice on matters affecting the industry, and are proud to be the principal party and a leader in industrial relations issues affecting the retail motor industry.

The MTA NSW Code of Ethics is the foundation of our members' high level of public credibility. It is a public commitment that MTA members will go about their business professionally and fairly.

Vehicle owners should look for the MTA NSW logo before choosing a business from which they may purchase either a new or used motor vehicle, have a motor vehicle serviced, repaired or deal with automotive suppliers and businesses. 

For hints and tips regarding the purchase of buying a new or used car, visit Buying a New Car or Buying a Used Car.

For further information regarding motor vehicle warranties or having an issue with an MTA NSW member or non-member, visit Motor Vehicle Warranties or Member Concerns?

Looking for an Apprenticeship? If you are interested in working within the auto electrical, light vehicle, heavy vehicle, paint or panel trades within the automotive industry, MTA NSW can assist via our Find an Apprenticeship online directory. The intention of this service is to bring potential Employers who have apprenticeship opportunities, together with potential Apprentices looking to work within key trades.

We encourage potential Apprentices to register their details or search for vacancies via the following links: Register for an Apprenticeship or Apprenticeship Vacancies

If the business is a non-member of the Motor Traders’ Association of NSW, and you are having an issue that needs to be escalated, please contact NSW Fair Trading  to register your complaint.

Please note: The MTA NSW does not provide legal advice to consumers, nor is it a government authority and does not issue trading licences or tradesperson certificates.


The Australian Heavy Vehicle Repairers Association (AHVRA) represents the heavy vehicle accident repair industry at a national level.



Created by MTA NSW, the Employment Relations Information System (ERIS) is a web based interactive employment relations system.



Motor Trades Cares (MTC) provides access to free industry WHS and worker’s insurance information and topical publications, webinars, management system resources, including policies, procedures and supporting checklist and forms.


Green Stamp

Green Stamp is an environmental program that aims to help businesses achieve environmental compliance.


MTA Training

MTA Training delivers innovative and flexible, industry focused training and prides itself on producing quality outcomes.



The Service Station Association (SSA) is a division of MTA NSW representing businesses within the petroleum industry.

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