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Welcome to MTA NSW

Welcome to MTA NSW, the driving force behind the MTA Group of Companies.


Founded in 1910, the Motor Traders' Association of New South Wales (MTA NSW) is an employers Association dedicated to representing owners and business principals in the NSW automotive industry.


As the guiding force within the MTA Group, our mission extends beyond mere representation; we are catalysts for progress within the automotive sector. Leveraging our rich heritage and expertise, MTA NSW, along with its affiliated companies, plays a pivotal role in shaping the landscape of the industry, fostering growth, and ensuring longevity.


Our primary aim is to support and enhance the motor industry. We achieve this by providing invaluable assistance to our members in the daily operation of their businesses, while also actively lobbying governing bodies to ensure a robust and sustainable automotive industry in NSW. With direct access to policymakers and government officials, the MTA Group is well-placed to represent the collective interests of our members, influencing policy decisions that shape the future of the industry.


Moreover, we take pride in our role as the principal consultative party and leader in industrial relations issues affecting the retail motor industry. Through our proactive engagement and advocacy efforts, we strive to maintain a fair and conducive business environment for our members.


At MTA NSW and the broader MTA Group, integrity and ethical conduct are paramount. We uphold the highest standards of professionalism through our landmark Code of Ethics, which sets out the standard of behaviour our members must adhere to in their dealings with the public. This commitment to ethical business practices not only protects consumers but also safeguards the reputation of legitimate motor traders.


MTA NSW Policy

MTA NSW lobbies state and federal governments on behalf of members and the industry. Our policy interests are diverse and comprehensive, covering areas such as taxation, fair trading, vehicle repair standards, employment relations, the environment, industry skills, and training. These policies are meticulously crafted to ensure a vibrant and resilient automotive industry in NSW.

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