Legal Advice

Legal matters can be complex and difficult to resolve. So to help members with sustaining their daily business operations, MTA NSW is able to provide general legal advice and guidance. Some areas that our qualified and experienced legal team can help you with are:

  1. Legal advice on corporate and commercial matters, including:

- Consumer claim disputes,
- Commercial leasing,
Regulatory compliance (Motor Vehicle and Repairer legislations, Fair Trading NSW, Privacy, anti-money laundering, Australian consumer law, WH&S, unfair contract terms, etc.),
Miscellaneous commercial matters.

  1. Legal advice on employment related matters, including: - Termination of employment, Unfair dismissal, General protections
    - National Employment Standards and Modern Awards requirements,
    - Payroll and leave information,
    - Transfer of business and employees
  1. Advice related to worker compensation and WH&S claims


MTA NSW provides free services to its member but is limited to general advice (over the phone) and general templates in dealing with issues listed in paragraphs 1 to 3 above. These free services do not include reviewing/auditing/drafting of member’s documents.

For matters which require reviewing/auditing/drafting of documents, please note that a small fee may be required.

Unlike lawyers in private legal practices (i.e. lawyers in law firms), MTA NSW’s legal team provides only in-house legal advice. This means that MTA NSW’s legal team does not represent its members (or draft documents for its members) in court proceedings. If you require someone to represent (or act for) you in a court proceeding, you should consider engaging a legal firm instead.

To obtain general legal advice and guidance, please email Steven Tan at [email protected] or call us on (02) 9016 9000.

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