MTA NSW Welcomes Draft Legislation to Mandate Access to Service and Repair Information

MTA NSW Welcomes Draft Legislation to Mandate Access to Service and Repair Information

The Motor Traders’ Association of NSW (MTA NSW) and the Motor Traders’ Association of Australia (MTAA), both welcomed the recent release of world-leading draft legislation to mandate access to motor vehicle service and repair information. The release follows two years of intensive investigations and wide-ranging consultation by the Treasury Department and other Government portfolios.

As with the original Heads of Agreement between the five peak automotive sector organisations, MTAA has provided a pivotal role in facilitating industry and government consultations on the development of the draft legislation which incorporates provisions on how the legislation will be implemented.

MTAA facilitated and organised major workshops involving peak automotive organisations and provided contacts for government officials with organisations and officials in the United States and Europe while working with other automotive sector organisations.

MTAA CEO, Mr Richard Dudley, said the release of the draft legislation follows recommendations by the ACCC for a mandatory scheme for car manufacturers to share technical information with independent repairers.

‘The draft legislation would not have been possible without the Morrison Government acting on the ACCC’s findings and recommendations, the Opposition’s support for action, and in particular, the commitment and work of Assistant Treasurer and Housing Minister Michael Sukkar,’ Mr Dudley said.

Mr Dudley said the draft legislation to mandate access to motor vehicle service and repair information is world leading. ‘While the European Parliament passed laws to provide for access to service and repair information, some aspects of these arrangements are yet to materialise fully. And in the United States, while there is effective jurisdictional legislation that has provided the catalyst for national collaboration and cooperation by automotive sector stakeholders, there is no uniform federal law. This draft legislation will be of significant interest to the world automotive community,’ he said.

MTA NSW CEO, Stavros Yallouridis, said, ‘the release of the draft legislation is another milestone in a watershed year for automotive policy and regulatory reforms, sought by MTA NSW and MTAA, that support competitive car retail, service and repair industries for the benefit of small businesses and consumers and provide increased protections for Australian automotive businesses and jobs’.

MTAA, Members and business constituents will now carefully examine the draft legislation and look forward to continuing to work with Government, and kindred automotive sector organisations to fulfil implementation.

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