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Business Management


The Service Station Association makes it easy and affordable for service station operations of any size to access a wide range of specialist services and skills.

Professional consultants work as part of your team to implement practical and effective solutions with valuable input from management, financial marketing or operational perspectives.

Key Services

Business Partners

The SSA is able to offer a ‘preferred supplier’ program designed to assist service station operators source products and services more readily through our easy to use guide published in all our publications.

  • Preferred suppliers of quality goods and services
  • Reputable companies
  • Competitive prices
  • Easy to use guide with contact details

Business Advisory and Retail Management Services

It is important to understand all aspects of the business management process as an operator of a service station. The SSA is able to offer assistance in areas such as:

  • Business planning
  • Improving productivity and profitability
  • Marketing and sales strategies
  • Benchmarking
  • Merchandising and planagrams

Financial Services

Understanding the financial side of the business is imperative to ensuring its continued profitability and success. Through its alliance with the Commonwealth Bank members have access to assistance with:

  • ATM's
  • Business banking

Legal Services

The SSA has selected legal firms who can provide experienced legal advice on all manner of oil industry and commercial problems at reasonable rates and special fee arrangements exist for members. Issues where members may require assistance are:

  • Trade Practices issued
  • Franchising matters
  • General commercial advice
  • Advice in dealing with oil companies
  • Employment law
  • Privacy law

Dispute Resolution

Dispute resolution can take the form of mediation, conciliation or facilitation. If you are having a problem with your oil company or supplier the SSA provides assistance for members to act as a third party to isolate and discuss the issues in dispute and to develop options for resolution with a view to reaching agreement by all parties. This may include engaging the Oil Code Disputes Resolution Advisor.

Remember, your industry association is often able to achieve results that you as an individual would find difficult to resolve. SSA has a wealth of knowledge and experience with the many issues that confront service station operators on a daily basis. Take comfort knowing that the SSA is there to help.

For further information about the Service Station Association’s Business Management Services contact the MTA NSW Division Manager


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