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NSW EPA Underground Petroleum Storage Systems Update

As previously communicated, on 1st of September 2019 NSW Councils will reassume responsibility for regulating most underground petroleum storage systems (UPSS) in their local areas.
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Reducing The Risk of Pollution from Service Station Runoff

The NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) has released a guide that outlines how service stations can better protect the environment from potentially polluted run-off from service station forecourts.
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Fail to Pay/Drive-Offs for Fuel - Changes Reporting to Police

The offence of Fail to Pay (also known as Drive-Offs) is an ongoing concern of the service station industry and wider community. Hence, the NSW Police has taken steps to standardise the way that these offences are reported by the service station industry to the Police. This will assist the Police to identify, investigate and prosecute people who commit this crime. The new process involves the introduction of a new form that is available from the internet. Police attendance at every offence of this type will now no longer be necessary.
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Weekly Petrol Prices Report – Australian Institute of Petroleum 23rd June

AIP’s comprehensive weekly report on fuel prices assists in better understanding the factors influencing retail prices in Australia. Independently sourced data shows trends and the very close links between the international and wholesale factors influencing Australian pump prices. This important report provides timely, factual data you can use to assess the numerous, often unsubstantiated, claims about fuel prices.
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Draft UPSS Regulation 2019 - Public Consultation Open

As highlighted at the industry forum on 27 March 2019, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is updating the regulatory requirements for UPSS operators to reflect best industry practice, and is seeking public input. The draft Protection of the Environment Operations (Underground Petroleum Storage Systems) Regulation 2019 and Regulatory Impact Statement is out for public consultation.
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UPSS Risk Management Toolkit

Please click the 'Download PDF' icon below to download the new educational resource for Service Station Owners & Operators who have an underground petroleum storage system (UPSS) on their site. The toolkit, Underground Fuel Systems: Your Ultimate Risk Management Toolkit has been designed to help MTA NSW members minimise their UPSS risk.
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The State of Play-Retail Service Stations

The retail service station sector continues to change and this item summarises some of the major changes in recent months.
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Service Stations Ongoing Use of Casuals and Operational Compliance Issues

There are two significant developments for service station members in the ongoing use of casuals and operational compliance issues. An outline follows:
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MTA NSW Interviewed on Channel 7 News Regarding Petrol Drive Offs From Services Stations

Colin Long, Senior Divisional Manager – Service Stations for MTA NSW was interviewed on Channel 7 news on Monday 25th June 2018 in regards to an announcement in Victoria that a trial is to be conducted using hi-tech cameras to capture number plate detail into a data base.
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Nozzle News - April Issue - The Newsletter for Service Station Members

The popular Nozzle News returns as a regular newsletter exclusively for Service Station Members of MTA NSW and business partners. Industry happenings, oil company developments, compliance issues, new products and equipment, government legislation requirements and submissions will all be covered as and when topical.
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