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Welcome to MTA NSW

Founded in 1910, the Motor Traders' Association of New South Wales is an employers association dedicated to representing owners and business principals in the New South Wales automotive industry.

Our aim is to help the motor industry. We achieve this by assisting our members in the daily running of their businesses, as well as lobbying governing bodies to ensure a long and viable automotive industry in NSW. We are well-placed to represent the interests of our members, being in constant contact with state politicians and Government officials. We regularly offer advice on matters affecting the industry, and are proud to be the principal party and a leader in industrial relations issues affecting the retail motor industry.

We also work to ensure the public's confidence in dealing with MTA members through our Code of Ethics. MTA NSW's Code of Ethics is a landmark statement that sets out the standard of behaviour MTA members must follow in their dealings with the public. 

MTA NSW Policy

MTA NSW lobbies state and federal government on behalf of members and the industry. Our policy interests are varied, and designed to ensure a strong automotive industry in NSW. Our policies cover taxation, fair trading, vehicle repair standards, employment relations, the environment, industry skills and training, and more.

Click here to download our latest policy outline, and stay tuned for updated policy documents.

MTA NSW Code of Ethics

The MTA NSW Code of Ethics is a framework of principles under which its members trade with the public that protects consumers and safeguards the reputation of legitimate motor traders. It concerns the relationship between customers and suppliers of goods and services. The Code addresses acceptable standards, not just legal obligations.

Click here to download a copy of the Code, or read a summary here.

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