Couple Issue Car Challenge

Neville Burrows with his vehicle that was donated to a fire devasted family

A fire devastated family at Batemans Bay received some generous help after losing their vehicle in the February fires on the South Coast of NSW. Former Goulburn businessman, Neville Burrows and his wife, Pam, made a special donation of their used car, a 2005 Mazda CX7, to assist the family.

Neville Burrows has a long history in Goulburn’s motor industry, having run several dealerships over the years and was a long-term MTA NSW Member.  The couple are leading by example, as part of a wider push to encourage dealerships in NSW to donate a used vehicle to people who lost their vehicle in the recent devastating fires.

“If people don’t have a car, they’re marooned and can’t get to work or organise approvals for new houses. Many vehicles were uninsured,” Mr Burrows said.

“I think there’s a desperate need out there and we feel deeply for these people.”

As for who chooses the neediest recipients, Mr Burrows said this should be left to the Mayors, Red Cross or Salvation Army. The vehicles would need to be roadworthy and any interested dealerships or individuals can contact Neville Burrows directly.

For further information please contact Neville Burrows via E: [email protected]

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