1910 – 2020 Celebrating 110 years of the MTA NSW


It was in 1909 when a group of Motor Dealers and their Managers met to discuss the future of the motor industry and what they could do to protect and grow this fledging new industry. It had been barely 10 years since the very first petrol motor car, a De Dion Bouton le Voiturette, had been brought into Australia by the Austral Cycle and Motor Agency, Sydney.

After much consideration it was decided to form an Association and name it the Motor Traders’ Association of NSW (MTA NSW).

On the 16th January 1910, the founding Members of Boyd Edkin, S.L. Tyler, Arthur Davies, J.M. Hanlon, G.W. Hellicar, C.H. Chapple, Reg. V. Cayce and W.I. Eames were subscribed to the Memorandum of Association. Through their foresight, the Motor Traders’ Association of NSW was Incorporated, with the first registered office located in Challis House, Martin Place, Sydney.

This year in 2020, marks the 110th anniversary of your Association. Over the decades, the Motor Traders’ Association of NSW has built its reputation as a committed employers’ organisation that has grown and supported the automotive industry through the many challenges faced by our Members and continues to proudly represent them via our mantra: ‘The voice of the motor industry’.

We will be celebrating our 110 years with a number of events to be announced throughout the year.     

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