Driver fury as prospect of pricier and cleaner fuel beckons

Featuring Minister Dominello, Colin Long and MTA service station member Diann Melas from Budget service station Petersham.

A new law in NSW from January 2017, will see service stations facing fines if they do not sell 6% of their total sales as E10.

This is to meet the NSW state government mandate on sales of E10. Up until now, only wholesalers and networks of 10 sites or more came under this law. From January 2017 it will apply to all individual service stations selling 3.6million litres (Petrol & Diesel) p.a. and above.

It is an outrageous law with government dictating what product a small business must sell, and if that small business does not meet the mandated sales volume of that product (E10), then that small business will be liable for a fine! 

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