Minister Dominello Fuel Check Announcement

The MTA Service Station Division yesterday (August 24) in conjunction with MTA service station group member Gascorp, hosted Victor Dominello, Minister for Innovation and Better Regulation and NRMA President Kyle Loads at the Budget Service station in Erskineville, in launching the new NSW Government Fuel Check app.

The launch was covered by a large media presence representing newspapers, radio and television.

The Government has regulated that all service stations in NSW register and be part of a publically accessed application showing in real time the price of all fuel types sold at all service stations in the state. The service station members and operators , through hard work and diligence, are co operating in this application, which allows the consumer to check at any time , the retail prices of all fuel sold through retail outlets in the state.

MTA, in conjunction with a delegation of members,  initiated a number of meetings with senior officers of Fair Trading ,including a meeting with Minister Dominello, to iron out a number of member concerns, prior to yesterday's launch.

Fuel Check is accessible on any device connected to the internet, including smartphones, tablets, desk top computers and laptops. Fuel Check uses information from cellular, Wi-Fi, and Global Positioning System (GPS) networks.

This video footage covers the launch in Sydney yesterday. Minister Dominello appears as does the President of the NRMA Roads and Motorists Association Kyle Loads, together with comments from MTA SSA Division Colin Long and MTA member Diann Melas.

Here is the link

For further information on Fuel Check refer to

Any member with any compliance concerns please contact Colin Long on 02 9016 9031 or 0412 761 337
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