Amendments to Motor Dealers and Repairers Amendment (Tradesperson Certificate) Regulation 2020

On March 23 MTA NSW along with several other Industry and Government bodies (TAFE, ATB, AGA, Locksmiths Association AAAA, IAME, TfNSW, Policy and NSW Fair Trading) were involved in a working group meeting to discuss the upcoming amendments to the MD&R Regulation and also the progress of the MD&R Act review.

There were a couple of minor changes to terminology for:
Exhaust repair work-being the work carried out by persons who fabricate, modify, service or repair the exhaust systems of motor vehicles, but does not include work on the chassis of motor vehicles.
The change means that this work can now be carried out on hybrid vehicles.
For glazing work the change was to the qualifications
The Certificate II in Automotive Body Repair Technology, including the Automotive Glazing Specialist elective units, or
Certificate III in Automotive Glazing Technology, being part of the Automotive Industry Retail, Service and Repair Training Package.
The inclusion of the Certificate III is more centered around the concerns of ADAS and the requirements of recalibration. The recalibration of these systems is a major issue as there is no real clear definition of who can actually perform this service. NSW Fair Trading will state that a holder of a current MVTC, Certificate III in Light Vehicle or Automotive Electrical can offer the service but manufacturers will state to go back to the dealerships or authorized agents hence the confusion. MTA NSW is working with the other Industry bodies to try and achieve a sensible outcome.

Policy have also realized that the current licensing framework is floored and needs to be rectified which will see the approval process for change be by way of Ministerial note rather than go through the legislative process (as was with the re-introduction of the current restricted licenses) There was also mention of existing qualifications or other certificates achieved be recognized alongside current MVTC’s to include previous qualifications. 

There was not much to report in the way of the MD&R Act review other to say that it is a slow process and that we will be updated in April and more than likely presented with a “Bill” of accepted changes that will then go out for consultation.
If you have any questions, please contact Gary O’Sullivan [email protected]
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