Better Business Reforms (BBR) Package Update

As you would be aware MTA NSW through constant lobbying has been successful in its push to get Certificate II qualifications re-introduced and recognised as a class of repair. This was all done through the Better Business Reforms Package (BBR).

The BBR has also introduced some other changes that will benefit MTA NSW members such as:

Exemption from requirement to hold drivers certificate for mechanic in course of repairing/servicing a tow truck.
This now allows technicians that service Tow Trucks to “road test” the vehicle without the need for a “tow authority”

Exemption relating to towing of recreational vehicles.

“Motor vehicles used or operated for the purpose of towing a recreational vehicle in the following circumstances are declared not to be tow trucks”

This now allows dealers to transport recreational vehicles to and from Trade shows, between suppliers, manufacturers or dealers within the state or from another state or territory or to a repairer.
Recreational vehicles include camper trailers, campervans, caravans, fifth wheelers, motor homes pop-top caravans and tent trailers.

Revised Uncollected Goods Act.

This includes significant changes to “low, medium and high” valued goods shorter holding times of goods and easier disposal methods.
“low” value up to $1,000.00 “medium” value $1,000.00 - $20,000.00 and “high” value over $20,000.00. disposal for “low’ and “medium” value goods can be disposed either for fair value or at public auction.

If you have any questions or need more information please call.


Gary O’Sullivan
Snr Divisional Manager
Motor Traders’ Association of NSW
[email protected]
0423 582 183

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