Border Closures NSW/QLD Border Crossings - Covid – 19

Members will have heard that the Queensland Government has announced further restrictions on people movement into and out of the state of Queensland, to assist in the prevention of the spreading of Covid-19 virus. These new measures commence at 12midnight this evening the 25th March, 2020. It is important that Members appreciate that exceptions to these rules apply to the normal operation of their businesses. The measures to take effect are:

  • Border Road Closures and police checks on vehicles on major highways
  • Advice to aircraft passengers at departure point that travellers to Queensland will be required to self-isolate for 14 days
  • Travellers arriving at Queensland airports to be met by police and other officers
  • Termination of Rail Services

The exemptions to these restrictions include:

  • Freight
  • Emergency vehicles
  • Emergency workers
  • Those travelling to and from work
  • Court Orders including Family Court
  • Compassionate Grounds
  • Medical Treatment
Queensland Police are developing methods to identify vehicles in border communities to make frequent essential border crossings easier such as a permit. We would recommend that Members contact their local Police if further questions arise surrounding travelling across the NSW/QLD border for business operations.

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