Building a skilled Workforce with our “Learn An Auto Trade In The Real World” Campaign

We're thrilled to announce the launch of a new campaign, "Learn An Auto Trade In The Real World," designed to showcase our unique on-site training programs and inspire the next generation. It aims to elevate automotive careers and establish MTA Training as the ideal starting point for aspiring auto professionals. We'll be implementing a multi-faceted approach to connect with a wider audience of prospective apprentices, their parents, and career guidance professionals within schools.

Campaign Highlights

- Targeted Digital Advertising: We'll use targeted online advertisements and audio spots to reach our audience across relevant websites and streaming services.
- Strategic Billboards: High-traffic billboards near educational institutions will showcase the campaign message, capturing the attention of young individuals looking for career options.

- AI-Powered Ad Delivery: By utilising advanced Artificial Intelligence, we can tailour our message and ensure the right people see our ads at the most impactful times.

- Bus Advertising: Targeted bus ad placements along key routes will further amplify our campaign message across high-impact areas.

- Engaging Radio Spots: Catchy and informative radio spots will raise awareness of the top-quality training model we offer.
Our radio ad

Running from now until June, this campaign also serves as a valuable reminder to existing businesses of our commitment to delivering exceptional training solutions. By working together, we can build a future for the dynamic automotive industry with a strong foundation of highly skilled and qualified professionals.


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