Choice of Repairer – You Have A Choice

As a consumer, you have a choice of what insurer you want to do business with. This means, that you should also choose which repairer you would like to repair your vehicle after an accident.

MTA NSW encourages you as the consumer to:

  • Read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) before purchasing an insurance policy.
  • Contact your preferred repairer first or visit the Find A Member page on this website for a list of MTA NSW Body Repair Members within your area and ‘Deal with someone you can trust’.
In support of our Body Repair Division Members, MTA NSW has produced a DL sized communication flyer - You Have A Choice - that notifies customers that they do have a choice of what insurer they do business with, and which repairer they would like to repair their vehicle after an accident.

These flyers have been designed for customers to leave in their vehicle’s glove box. On the reverse side, the flyer allows customers, in case of an accident, to record the necessary information. For a copy of the flyer please click here:

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