Code Administration Committee makes significant progress in response to independent Review of Dr Michael Schaper

Code Administration Committee makes significant progress in response to independent Review of Dr Michael Schaper

The Code Administration Committee is working towards a major update to the Motor Vehicle Insurance and Repair Industry (MVIRI) Code of Conduct. The work of the Committee aims to bring significant changes to the auto repair sector. This move marks a critical shift towards a more balanced relationship between insurers, repairers, and consumers.

The work is in response to an independent review by Dr. Michael Schaper, aims to enhance transparency, efficiency, and fairness within the industry. The recommendations of Dr Schaper include implementing 15 recommendations focused on improving dispute resolution, raising Code awareness, and strengthening compliance and governance.

“MTA NSW has been a proactive participant in the evolution of the MVIRI Code of Conduct, through Stephen Jenkins, our General Council and Head of Employment Relations, who is also the Chair of the CoC committeeMTA NSW's dedication to representing the interests of repairers and consumers alike has been key in driving forward a more equitable and transparent system in our industry,” said Stavros Yallouridis, CEO of MTA NSW. 

This revision of the Code is expected to bring about a more equitable playing field for all parties involved. For repairers, it means clearer guidelines and improved mechanisms for addressing issues
The Committee is working towards a new Code under which consumers stand to benefit from higher service standards and greater accountability in their interactions with insurers and repairers. 

MTA NSW has played a significant role in the work of the Committee, actively contributing to the dialogue by the Committee leading to these changes. 

As the auto repair industry navigates the technological changes it is facing, the future MVIRI Code of Conduct will endeavour to serves as a blueprint for a more transparent and equitable future. It reflects a collective effort of the Motor Trades Association of Australia and the Insurance Council of Australia to balance the needs and concerns of all stakeholders in the sector.

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