Driving For A Sustainable Future: NSW State Election Platform

The Motor Traders’ Association of New South Wales is an employer’s association and a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) dedicated to representing business owners and business principles—large and small, metropolitan and regional—in the automotive industry in NSW. Our aim is to help the motor industry and we achieve this by assisting our members in the daily running of their businesses. We believe that we can help to drive innovation for a sustainable future. We do this because we believe:

  • Change creates new opportunities to grow
  • Better knowledge leads to better decisions
  • That by acting today we create a better tomorrow

The twin goal of industry and government should be to assist businesses and consumers along this journey of  transformation with as little disruption as possible. With any transformative agenda, the risk of unintended consequences is high, and the ramifications of those unintended consequences could derail our transformation to a low emission economy. Therefore, it is critical that the NSW Government of 2023 takes a leadership role in conjunction with industry to ensure a smooth transition to new technologies and that NSW continues to maintain a seamless and growing economy. The Motor Traders’ Association of NSW (MTA NSW) embraces the transition to zero and low emission vehicles (ZLEVs). However, the state’s reliance on land transport will be put at risk if the challenges of this transition are not fully realised and met.

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Driving For A Sustainable Future: NSW State Election

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