Executive Board Elections

2024 marks a significant milestone for MTA NSW, as financial members engage in the pivotal process of electing a new Board for the Association. Entrusted with the critical responsibility of defining the strategic direction and formulating policies, the incoming Board will govern the organisation to fulfil its mission and achieve its set goals.   


The role of the Board is instrumental in not only steering the success of MTA NSW but also in shaping the future of the broader industry. 


In alignment with the Rules of the Association, Advisory Councillors have been given an opportunity to nominate for the 10 available Board positions. At the closure of this process, there are 16 nominations, triggering a formal vote by the MTA NSW membership.

Voting Process

A postal ballot will now be conducted by the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC). Ballot Papers will be sent to the address which MTANSW has on file for members. The Ballot Papers will include instructions on how to vote. In addition, the Ballot Papers may include a short bio of each candidate as provided to the AEC. Members should closely follow the voting instructions provided by the AEC to ensure a valid vote.

As part of the electoral process, you may be contacted by a prospective Board member.  

This is an important milestone in the direction of the MTANSW. Your participation is encouraged in this election process. 

Election of the President and Vice President of MTA NSW

The final stage of the election process involves the 10 elected Executive Board Members to participate in the Election of a President and Vice President of MTA NSW. This election process will be conducted by the Australian Electoral Commission during the first meeting of the newly elected Board Members, to take office at the conclusion of the Annual General Meeting of MTA NSW on 17 May 2024. The President and Vice President are crucial in overseeing board decisions, raising the profile of the Association within the Automotive Industry and ultimately enhancing our Association’s ability to accomplish its strategic direction.

For further details, please refer to the links below:

Election Notice

Nomination Form


In the event that any member has a question or query, please contact:

Benjamin Murray

Returning Officer

Email - [email protected]

Phone - 03 9285 7111

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