Inquiry into electric vehicle (EV) Adoption in the ACT

MTA NSW, the peak body representing the motor industry in New South Wals, has emphasised the need for affordable electric vehicles and a trained automotive workforce to support the Australian Capital Territory's (ACT) ambiguous targets for sustainable transportation.

Last week, the head for Government Relations and Advocacy for MTA NSW, Collin Jennings, attended the Legislative's Assembly's Planning Transport and City Services Commitee hearing in Canberra to discuss the adoption of electric vehicles in the ACT. Jennings stressed that in order for the Territory to reach its targets, the supply of electric vehicles at affordable price points needs to increase, and the ACT automotive workforce needs to be trained in how to service and repair electric vehicles.

Collin Jennings also met with the Minister for Skills, The Hon Chris Steel MLA, to discuss how MTA NSW can assist in upskilling the ACT automotive workforce. In addition, he also met the Shadow Planning Minister, Mr Mark Parton MLA, and the Shadow Minister for Business, Ms Leanne Castley MLA, to discuss the future of electric vehicles in the Territory.

Recently MTA NSW made a submission to the Standing Committee on Planning, Transport and City Services on the Inquiry into electric vehicle (EV) Adoption in the ACT. 

The automotive industry has a critical role to play in reducing carbon emissions and combating climate change by transitioning to zero and low emission vehicles (ZLEV). However, this transformation will be challenging, particularly for small businesses who may need to invest in retooling and reskilling. Australia is around 10 years behind in the global move towards electric vehicles, so decisions on the transition need to be based on this knowledge. The industry and government should work together to provide support to businesses and consumers during the transformation process to avoid disruption and unintended consequences.

Read the full submission here


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