Lockdown for Greater Sydney Extended until end of September

Key Member Takeaways

  • Current Stay at Home rules for Greater Sydney will be extended until 30th September, 2021

  • Additional rules imposed on Local Government Areas of Concern

  • Additional requirements imposed on “Authorised Workers” travelling outside the current 12 LGS’s of concern from 12.01am on Monday 23rd August, 2021

  • New Mask wearing rules across all of New South Wales from 12.01am on Monday 23rd August, 2021

Members should be aware that at the press conference held by the Premier this morning at 11.00am a number of new restrictive practices and rules have been imposed across both Greater Sydney and Regional New South Wales. At the time of release of the communication the Public Health Order has not been updated so in the event additional measures are included members will be advised immediately. The new restrictions as announced are as follows:

Additional rules for the LGAs of concern:

From 12.01am Monday, 23 August the following additional rules will apply for residents and businesses in the LGAs of concern:

  • Curfews will be introduced from 9pm to 5am (except for work, emergencies or medical care) to help reduce the movement of young people;

  • Outdoor exercise is limited to one hour per day;

  • The following retail premises must close except for click and collect: garden centres and plant nurseries, office supplies, hardware and building supplies, landscaping material supplies, rural supplies, and pet supplies (tradespeople are allowed to shop in-store where relevant); and

  • All exams and other education or professional development related activities will move online, not including the HSC.

The following new restrictions around workplaces and authorised workers from the LGAs of concern will be introduced:

  • Childcare workers and disability support workers who live or work in the LGAs of concern must have their first vaccination dose by 30 August;

  • Authorised workers who work outside their LGA of concern are only permitted to work if rapid antigen testing is implemented at their work-site or they have had their first vaccination dose by 30 August

  • From Saturday, 28 August, authorised workers from the LGAs of concern are required to carry a permit from Service NSW declaring that they are an authorised worker and cannot work from home; and

  • From Saturday, 28 August, anyone entering an LGA of concern for the purposes of work must carry a worker permit issued by Service NSW.

From 12.01am Monday, 23 August, workers from the Canterbury-Bankstown, Cumberland and Fairfield LGAs will no longer have to have been tested for COVID-19 in the previous 72 hours to work outside their LGA.

Special powers will also be given to the NSW Police Force including:

  • Power for the Commissioner of Police to lockdown apartment blocks while health assesses the COVID risk; 

  • Power for the Commissioner of Police to declare a residential premise a COVID-risk premise and require all people to present to police during compliance checks;

  • Powers to allow police to direct a person who has been issued with an infringement notice to return to their place of residence; and

  • If a person from outside an LGA of concern is found to be in an LGA of concern without a reasonable excuse, they will be fined $1000 and required to isolate at home for 14 days.

Additional measures for Greater Sydney (including regional NSW until 28 August) 
From 12.01am Monday, 23 August, the following additional rule will also be introduced for Greater Sydney (including regional NSW until 28 August):

  • Mask wearing will be mandatory when outside your home, except when exercising.

Rapid Antigen Tests
In relation to the new rule surrounding vaccination or rapid antigen testing for authorised workers. Members are advised that MTA NSW has previously liaised with the Therapuetics Goods Administration (TGA) as to the availability and use of Rapid Antigen Tests. Members are advised that the position of the TGA under the current legislation on the supply and implementation of rapid antigen tests is as follows:

COVID-19 rapid antigen tests that are approved for use at the point of care can be supplied to accredited pathology laboratories, registered medical practitioners, and health care professionals in residential and aged care facilities. These tests can be supplied to a business or organisation that has engaged a registered medical practitioner to conduct or oversee the performance of the testing.

Consequently, unless a Member has available a registered medical practitioner on staff then Rapid Antigen Tests are not an available option. In the event that these legislative requirements are changed by the Federal Government Members will be so advised.

If a Member has any question or query then please contact the MTA NSW Employment Relations at P: (02) 90169000 or at E: [email protected]

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