MTA Connect Newcastle Recap

To kick off our MTA Connect series, we chose Newcastle. One of our association’s key regions, we saw this as an opportunity to address some of the most pressing matters in the automotive industry. Issues that we have seen becoming more prevalent is around the topics of licensing and compliance. We understand that these areas can be very complex and difficult to keep up with, and so our speakers covered what to look out for at this current time.

We also had Senior Automotive Inspector Richard Ryan from NSW Fair Trading as a guest speaker at the event. Using his years of expertise in the industry, Richard clarified some of the most common situations that occur which lead to consumers filing NSW Fair Trading cases. It was especially important having to have these discussions as NSW Fair Trading are actively conducting audits across the State, meaning more businesses are vulnerable to being caught out.

Another important area, covered by our Head of Government Relations and Advocacy Collin Jennings, was the recently delivered Federal Budget, and the impact it has on small businesses. And to round out the event, there was also a panel discussion on the positive impacts that continued training has on staff retention. This lead into a further discussion on the skills shortage, and how further upskilling or current employees could provide temporary relief to auto businesses who need skilled staff.

We look forward to seeing you at our upcoming MTA Connect Events!


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