MTA NSW CEO Signals Start of New Era for ‘Voice of the Motor Industry’

Motor Traders’ Association of NSW (MTA NSW) CEO, Stavros Yallouridis, has signalled the beginning of a new era for the trusted automotive industry representative body, which is set to launch a series of marketing initiatives as part of a reinvigorated business approach geared to support Members in meeting the future challenges facing the automotive industry.

“In the next ten years the industry will experience more change than we have known in the past fifty years, and as the leading industry body in NSW we are ramping up operations to ensure our Members can turn challenges into opportunities in the changing motoring landscape,” Yallouridis stated.

Since its establishment in 1910, MTA NSW has been a strong and beneficial voice for those in automotive trades, and now performs a multitude of functions geared toward benefitting Members and the public.

These include giving Members a strong and cohesive voice in working with government and industry bodies on legislation and other critical issues, plus acting as a conduit for government departments such as NSW Fair Trading and SafeWork NSW in conveying vital information to Members.
MTA NSW is also a unique and expert reference source for Members requiring information on important industry standards and successful business practices, and as a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) also offers a specialised training resource that keeps abreast of latest industry advances and brings this learning onsite for Members’ convenience.

“MTA NSW has been extremely active and productive in the NSW motoring landscape for over a century, providing numerous benefits to our Members and the motoring public over that time,” Yallouridis said.

“Since taking on the role of CEO, the goal has been to ensure MTA NSW develops a roadmap to offer more innovative services to support our Members and the industry in a future that will bring great change and challenges.

“The Association has been a positive force, with a vision for the improvement of industry standards and practices, from the days when people drove the first cars through to this exciting era where autonomous cars are driving themselves,” he continued.

“Having been the leading body guiding and representing the state’s automotive industry through the massive changes to date, we’ve always had our finger on the pulse of crucial industry dynamics and will continue to do so to support our Members in the changing times to come.”

Yallouridis is well positioned to drive the organisation’s focus to deliver for the future, given his past experience in the automotive industry, here and abroad. From early childhood days in his father’s automotive business through to many key roles with leading global auto manufacturers, he has gained valuable insights into all aspects of the industry.

“MTA NSW is a dynamic and influential employers’ Association that gives a cohesive voice to our many Members, large and small, and protects and promotes their interests through advocacy to government, media, the corporate sector and the community,” Yallouridis said.

“On the ground, we are also an incredibly valuable business resource for Members, functioning as a business advisory service that provides them with Employment Relations advice, legal support and marketing assistance to help them run successful, safe and compliant businesses that enjoy the trust and custom of the motoring public.”

However, Yallouridis stressed that while all that MTA NSW has done in the past and does to this day has been extremely valuable, the Association’s focus is now firmly on the future of its many Members across the spectrum of the automotive industry.

“Our industry is no stranger to change, but nothing in our past will equal the wholesale and technical changes that will sweep through our industry in the next decade,” Yallouridis stated. “We must all respond to the changing dynamics of how increasingly sophisticated automobiles will be manufactured, purchased, distributed and serviced, because the motoring landscape is evolving at an exponential pace.

“MTA NSW plans to be ready to meet those changing dynamics through a range of measures that centre on continual improvement and which will strengthen the Association in its ability to support and benefit Members in years to come.”

These include increased engagement with the NSW Government, focusing on the planning and environmental challenges surrounding the automotive industry to ensure they are properly considered and perceived; an emphasis on increased Member involvement in future planning; the implementation of innovative value-added services and products; the establishment of new business relations with partners to bring increased value for Members and the Association, and expansion of training courses to be offered to Members and other key partners.

The MTA NSW relaunch will initially be most evident in the redevelopment of essential marketing elements such as a new logo, website, member signage and stationery, plus the production of various media campaign components that will bring the MTA NSW message to Members’ customers.

“These activities, while valuable and important, are only the tip of the iceberg. For the past year, the MTA NSW team has been working on developing the functions of the organisation to better benefit our Members,” Stavros Yallouridis stated.

 “We have an exciting vision for MTA NSW that aims to ultimately build on our members services thus allowing to add substantially to the range of services for our members and their customers as we all move into a new era in motoring”.
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