MTA NSW renews 2 year partnership with icare

The Motor Traders' Association of NSW is proud to announce the renewal of our partnership with icare NSW, to improve workplace safety and support the industry as it rapidly evolves. Through this two-year partnership, Motor Trades Care will be able to provide expert support and training to assist our Members in work health and safety, return to work, and safely transitioning towards electric vehicles in the coming years.
The finalisation of the latest two-year agreement will see the MTC team continue its successful work to improve safety outcomes across the motor industry, supported by expert guidance from icare that will enhance programs that reduce risks, boost workplace safety and improve the recovery journey for injured workers.

“Our growing partnership with icare in the work health and safety (WHS) and return to work (RTW) space will be coupled with the specialised safety advice and training that we deliver to businesses across NSW, positioning our industry well for the exciting technological shifts underway in the world of motoring,”- Stavros Yallouridis, CEO of MTA NSW.

MTA NSW has previously expressed concerns about the future of automotive workplace safety following the announcement of federal and state targets encouraging a major shift towards electric vehicles (EVs) by 2030. With 49,000 technicians throughout NSW requiring training to safely work with high-voltage EV batteries, a shortage in upskilling programs suggests the industry may be unprepared for such rapid growth.

In line with its goal to reduce workplace injuries, MTC will help businesses prepare to safely work with EVs.
“The industry has a fair way to go when it comes to workplace safety and capability. This partnership is designed to make sure we can support and educate automotive businesses to minimise WHS risks, and in the unfortunate case of a workplace injury, identify the best treatment plan and get staff back to work in a reasonable timeframe,” -Trevor Ballantyne, General Manager of Motor Trades Care.

“MTC is excited to deliver tailored programs, education, advice and support, alongside access to icare’s great research on workplace wellbeing and injury prevention.”

Since MTA NSW and icare established their partnership in 2019, MTC has played a pivotal role in reducing the number and severity of workplace injuries within the automotive industry. To date, MTC has successfully helped 200 businesses with over 3,700 activities and more than 100 workers with compensation claim reviews.

icare CEO Richard Harding said the unique partnership is a response to the specific needs of the automotive sector in NSW in relation to workers' compensation.
“Workers and employers in the rapidly changing automotive industry are tackling challenges that can be confusing for small organisations to handle alone. Our continuing partnership with MTA NSW and their MTC team will help industry participants to receive impactful safety training and post-injury support,” said Mr Harding.

“In particular, this will help local technicians, auto-electricians, or panel beaters who are actively managing their small businesses as they repair cars and serve customers."

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