MTA NSW Training - Assistance for the Regional Employer

There are 2 programs that have been designed to encourage regional business, via a Relocation Grant and an Apprentice Wage subsidy.

Both of these are an encouragement for regional businesses to assist in the recruitment of skilled workers or to establish new apprenticeships. The relocation grant will assist with up to $10,000 per relocating skilled worker. The Apprentice wage subsidy is available for regional employers who;

  • Have never had an apprentice before or
  • Who have not started a new apprentice over the last three years.
Both of these programs warrant your urgent attention especially for the apprentice wage subsidy considering that the 2018 school leavers would be weighing up their options for 2019. The Wage subsidy is a trial and is available for 1630 new signups after 1st January 2019.

The NSW Government announced that from 1st October 2018 there are grants of up to $10,000 available for business and individuals to assist in relocation to regional areas. The grants are available for eligible businesses to relocate or expand into regional areas or for relocation costs for skilled workers relocating to the regions.

Information about the criteria and how to register is found on the Regional Skills Relocation Grant website:

Australian Apprentice Wage subsidy

The commencement of this initiative is 1st January 2019 and it will allow the employer to top up the wage of the new apprentice so that the opportunity might be more appealing. With the limited scope of the program you will have to act quickly. It is an initiative for all of Australia.

This is a timely initiative and fits with the close of the 2018 school year and all of the Year 12 students that may well be looking for a career.

MTA NSW is placed well to give you a head-start in the race for this opportunity because we can start the training immediately following contract signup. We are not bound by a semester start date and enroll all year round. Find your employee and Contact your Apprentice Network Provider to get it going.

More information is available via the Australian Apprenticeship website:

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