MTA NSW Welcomes the Government Economic Response to COVID-19 – Assistance for Employers.

About the Motor Traders’ Association (MTA) of NSW 

MTA NSW has a proud history of representing and servicing the automotive industry in NSW for more than 100 years. MTA covers many nationally recognised qualifications through our Workplace Delivery Model. We train your Apprentice/Trainee ON-SITE.

The Motor Traders’ Association of New South Wales has been operating as a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), delivering flexible training across NSW since 1996. We have developed a strong training model specialising in workplace delivery & is one of the largest private providers of automotive training in NSW & ACT, with over 1400 students.

Our training produces quality outcomes and the essential industry skills. These are aimed at providing a platform for the attainment of nationally recognised qualifications and NSW Licensing requirements.

All the qualifications are delivered and assessed at your workplace. 

MTA NSW Welcomes the Government Economic Response to COVID-19 – Assistance for Employers. 

Addressing a fundamental shortage of skills in the industry over the last 10 years remains a challenge for many Auto Trades Employers. MTA NSW Training understands there is no one solution. There are many young Australians keen to become an Automotive Tradesperson, with some beginning their careers undertaking Automotive Prevocational Courses while in senior High School. Their career options are broad, and include all modes of transportation and industries, wherever mobile equipment is used. In addition, there are also many older people who want to enter the industry or who are currently working without trade qualifications. To help prospective Auto Trade Trainees and Apprentices, MTA NSW Training is providing some key information on how to get the right support, and started in the industry.
The Motor Traders’ Association of NSW supports the recent Australian Government announcements of a new program called ‘Boosting Apprenticeship Commencements’. It is designed to assist job seekers into Australian Apprenticeship and Traineeship jobs, and to help employers take on new staff. This program is part of the Australian Government Economic Response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19).
Honda CD250. Rebuilt by Automotive Students from Norwest Trades College 2018

This new program is in addition to the Supporting Apprentices and Trainees wage subsidy that was released in July 2020.
The Supporting Apprentices and Traineeships program (SAT) is a $2.8 billion wage subsidy to support existing apprentices and trainees. Applies to existing apprentices and Trainees prior to 1st July 2020
The Boosting Apprenticeship Commencements program (BAC) is an additional $1.2 billion boost to encourage employers to take on 100,000 new apprentices. Applies to new Apprentices/ Trainees from 5th October 2020.


The government will subsidise up to 50% of the apprentice or trainees wage up to a total of $7000 per quarter per Apprentice / Trainee. This subsidy is the same for both the Supporting Australian Apprentices and trainees and the BAC incentive program.

What does this mean?
This means that the employer is supported for both existing Apprentices/ Trainees and New Apprentices or Trainees. 

This is equally available for New Employees and for existing staff. It is the perfect opportunity for employers to upskill existing workers for Apprenticeships or traineeships. The wage subsidy would apply for both new and existing employees.

How Do we Apply?
To be eligible for either of these incentives you need only to register your new apprentice / Existing worker Apprentice with your Apprenticeship Support Network Provider 
(Apprentice Network Provider).
The fact sheet that is available on the above link will provide more details about the BAC program.

To locate your nearest Apprentice Network Provider, go to the Australian Apprenticeship website. The Network providers can provide more details about this and all of the other incentives that are currently available for the employers of new Apprenticeships and Traineeships.

The Motor Traders’ Association of NSW recognise and welcome the efforts that the Australian Government have implemented to support the industry in this difficult time. There is a notable decline in Apprenticeships and Traineeships nationally as identified by the NCVER. These two programs will definitely have a positive impact on both the decline in apprenticeships and the Employer decision in relation to the employment of new Apprentices and Trainees.

Photo courtesy of IKON Suspensions and Top Tune Motor Cycles.
Report by Phillip Cue MTA NSW Training.

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