New Covid Restrictions

Key Member Takeaways

  • Mask wearing compulsory in both indoor and outdoor settings in eight (8) Local Government Areas (LGA)

  • Limit imposed on travel for residents in the eight(8) affected LGA’s to 5 km only.

  • Increased fines for non compliance with Public Health Orders (PHO)

  • Police have power to close down worksites and other public places for non compliance

NSW's COVID-19 lockdown has been tightened again, after 239 new infections were announced — the highest daily number since the virus first arrived in the state early last year.
From 12:01am on 30 July 2021, residents in the Georges River, Parramatta, Blacktown, Cumberland, Canterbury-Bankstown, Fairfield, Liverpool and Campbelltown LGAs (the “Eight LGAs”) must:

  • wear a mask whenever they leave their homes, regardless of proximity to others (the fine for not wearing a mask has been increased from $200 to $500),

  • not travel more than 5km from home for shopping, unless the goods are not available in their local area, and

  • not travel more than 5km from their home to exercise or take part in a "singles bubble" (i.e. a bubble where singles or those isolating alone are allowed to form with one other person).

Further to the new restrictions in the Eight LGAs, Police Commissioner Mick Fuller said:

  • extra powers are given to police, including the power to close premises that are in breach of the Public Health Order, and

  • thousands of extra police will be in the Eight LGAs and out to enforce the new rules, including going from home to home to check on unauthorised visitors in a household.

We anticipate that the current Public Health Order would be updated tonight to incorporate the above new restrictions for the Eight LGAs. Any additional information will be relayed to members.

What do these new restrictions mean to members?
Members are to advise all their employees to do the following:

  • To carry proof of residence when leaving home (whether or not they are residents in any of the Eight LGAs); and

  • To wear a mask when leaving their home if they are in the Eight LGAs*.

*Members should note that all employees are still required to wear a face mask when performing any indoor work in NSW and outdoor work in Greater Sydney or an affected region.

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