New Financial Incentives for Automotive Apprenticeships: What You Need to Know

Recently, new financial incentives have been introduced to help offset the costs associated with automotive apprenticeships, making it easier and more affordable for businesses to invest in their future workforce. 

One of the standout benefits of the new program is the enhanced support for eligible apprentices. They can now receive up to $10,000, providing a significant boost to their training and development. This financial assistance aims to attract more young talent into the industry, ensuring a steady influx of skilled workers in the coming years. 

But the benefits aren't just for apprentices. Employers also stand to gain with wage subsidies of up to $1,500 per quarter. This financial relief can ease the burden on businesses, making it more feasible to hire and train apprentices without stretching budgets too thin.  

Looking ahead, the Government is driving a major shift with an expectation of over two million electric vehicles (EVs) expected on Australian roads by 2030. The new incentives are designed to help businesses prepare for this transition. By ensuring apprentices receive training and experience in EV technology, businesses can stay competitive and future-proof their operations. 

These new incentives didn’t come easy. The original scheme was not practically accessible for many automotive businesses due to stringent eligibility definitions. However, thanks to the advocacy by MTA NSW and the Motor Trades Association of Australia these obstacles have been addressed.  

To help navigate these new opportunities, we've put together a fact sheet that explains the program and outlines the eligibility criteria. This guide will ensure you understand all the benefits and requirements, helping you make the most of these new incentives. 

Click here for the Fact Sheet


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