New Solar-powered EV Charging Station

We at MTA NSW are proud to announce the installation and launch of a new solar-powered EV charging station at our main office in Burwood, Sydney. The charging station is powered by rooftop solar panels and features a 60kW charger that can charge two vehicles at the same time. This level of charging power can add up to 100 kilometres of range to a battery in under 15 minutes.

The opening of the new charging station is a win for both locals and visitors. Locals can now easily charge their EVs while they are at work, shopping, or running errands in Burwood. Visitors can also charge their EVs while they are in the area or on their way to other parts of Sydney.

The new charging station is also a step towards increasing EV adoption in Australia, with the solar-generated power also making it a more sustainable and environmentally friendly option. By making it easier and more convenient for people to charge their EVs, MTA NSW is helping to encourage more people to switch to electric vehicles.

The charging station is open to the public and is located at 214 Parramatta Road, Burwood, NSW 2134.

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