NSW Budget at a Glance

Today, the NSW State Government unveiled a budget that we all anticipated would be challenging. As expected, there was a focus on sectors such as health, education, housing, and continuation of infrastructure projects.

For the automotive industry, there's not much on offer. We're pleased the Government listened to our advice on the need for additional EV charging infrastructure, but are disappointed it has been funded at the expense of the EV rebate, which we feel is counterintuitive to the Government's commitment for 50% of all new car sales being electric vehicles by 2030.

Here is a summary of the important points below, or you can read the full budget overview and papers.

The EV rebate has been scrapped

The $3000 rebate on the purchase of new electric vehicles has been scrapped, ignoring the advice of the automotive industry. The savings generated from the removal of the rebate are being diverted to charging infrastructure.

Investment In EV Charging Infrastructure

$263 million has been earmarked for the expansion of EV charging infrastructure across the state to remove barriers to purchasing electric vehicles, with an additional $10m in co-funding for kerbside charge ports.

Continued funding of 'fee free' automotive apprenticeships

The Government has continued funding apprenticeships via the Smart & Skilled program, which will support students training with organisations like MTA NSW to enter the industry without investing their own money upfront. Apprentices travelling more than 120kms will also be eligible for travel and accommodation funding.

Review of the Vocational Education & Training System

The Government has committed to a comprehensive review of the NSW VET system to address the skills shortage and deficits in the VET sector. Additionally, an allocation of $112 million has been announced to cover the TAFE funding shortfall.

Electricity bill relief for small businesses

Small businesses using less than 100 MWh of electricity per year are eligible for a one off payment of $650 to lessen the rising costs of energy.

MTA NSW will continue lobbying hard at a state and federal level as the voice of the automotive industry. 
We want to make sure our state and our nation are set up for the future.  



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