NSW Digital Driver Licence State-Wide Rollout Next Week

Service NSW is committed to supporting licence checkers in their awareness and readiness to accept the NSW Digital Driver Licence.  
What licence checkers need to know

The NSW Digital Driver Licence has been trialled in Dubbo, Albury and the Eastern Beaches under trial legislation since 2017. 
From Monday 28 October, regulation will come in force enabling all NSW drivers to legally present their Digital Driver Licence as proof of age, proof of identity and right to drive. 
Next week, the state-wide version of the Digital Driver Licence will become available to download on the Service NSW app. You and your businesses may be presented with the Digital Driver Licence by customers anywhere in the state. 
Licence checkers need to be aware that customers will no longer be legally required to carry their plastic licence as they were during the trial. However, the NSW Government is continuing to urge customers to carry their plastic licence to avoid inconvenience as awareness and acceptance of the Digital Driver Licence spreads.
The state-wide version of the Digital Driver Licence has new features as a result of useful feedback from checkers involved in our trial.

To help licence checkers prepare to be presented with this new version of the Digital Driver Licence, please click on the links below to view or download the quick reference guides:

How to check the Digital Driver Licence

How to verify the Digital Driver Licence

Digital Driver Licence Trial – Dashboard as at 25 October 2019

Important to know

Customers are not required to hand over their device to the licence checker. If a licence checker cannot view a customer’s Digital Driver Licence they should ask the customer to adjust the tilt of their device or turn the devices brightness settings up.

Copying a licence
Licence checkers that need a copy of a customer’s licence must continue to follow their existing process using the plastic card. A copy solution for the Digital Driver Licence will be available early next year.  

Reference materials 
Next week, the Service NSW Digital Driver Licence web page will contain the state-wide information and reference materials for licence checkers. Further information can be found at www.service.nsw.gov.au/digital-driver-licence
If you require support or have questions regarding the Digital Driver Licence, please to contact [email protected]
Thank you for your time and effort in supporting this important initiative.

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