NSW Government endorses the Waste Motive Initiative

NSW Government has thrown its support behind the Waste Motive initiative nominating Ingrid Marsh (Director Industry Development, Trade, Tourism, Investment and Precincts) to be a task force representative and Suzanne Pierce (Director Policy Science & Research – Office of the NSW Chief Scientist & Engineer) to observe the progress of the initiative.

With the majority of task force positions filled Waste Motive is calling on any individuals who have an interest in recycling, sustainability, plastics or automotive repairs and are interested in joining the task force as we fine tune the last few remaining positions to join an elite panel of professionals.

Waste Motive has recently gained further industry support from both global collision coating giants PPG and Axalta and most industry associations from both Australia and New Zealand. Insurance group Suncorp, who currently controls 27 percent of the market, bringing together brands such as AAMI, GIO, Shannons, Bingle, Apia and more, will take an observer role at this stage as the initiative evolves to tackle the key industry issues.

BridgePoint Group has officially been engaged to manage aspects of possible funding and R&D activities as various innovative solutions get developed over the next 12 months including a proposed waste parts sharing and green credits mobile application, allowing the collision industry to trade any usable plastic parts that had previously been destined for landfill such as headlights and bumpers. BridgePoint’s Alan Baghdasarayan will take a seat on the task force to assist and action these aspects, working closely with government representatives and environmental bodies.

Waste Motive plans to announce the task force and start meetings to action its six pillars in the first week of April with progressive action planned around better waste management systems, technology platforms and processes.

Should you have any questions, please contact Brenton Daniel, MTA NSW Divisional Manager on
P: 9016 9025 or E: [email protected]

Reproduced with permission from The National Collison Repairer.

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