NSW Shadow Energy and Climate Change Minister addresses Governing Council

Shadow Minister for Energy and Climate Change, Jihad Dib, spoke to the Governing Council on Friday about the critical role of the automotive sector in the transition to electric vehicles. In his speech, Mr Dib stressed the need for cooperation between government and industry to ensure a successful transition.

Mr Dib emphasized that the government needs to understand the real-life challenges faced by the automotive industry in converting the state fleet to electric vehicles. He noted that the government is not the expert in this field and that discussions with the industry are essential to ensure proposed changes are implemented effectively.

In addition to the need for increased public charging stations for electric vehicles, Mr Dib also discussed the Labor Party’s position on manufacturing batteries, chargers, and components in NSW. He acknowledged the significance of small businesses to the state's economy and the NSW ALP's small business policies aimed at reducing red tape and supporting planning approvals.

The future of electric vehicles requires a skilled workforce, and Mr Dib recognized the importance of training programs. He noted the Motor Traders’ Association's efforts in developing electric vehicle training as a model for other training organizations.

Overall, Mr Dib's speech highlights the need for cooperation and collaboration between government, industry, and organizations to ensure a successful transition to electric vehicles in NSW.

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