Statement of Regulatory Intent Issued Following Tyre Industry Concerns

NSW Fair Trading has issued on 16 January 2018 a Statement of Regulatory Intent (SRI) in relation to car tyre fitting repair work. The SRI states in part, “...that people who are engaged in car tyre fitting repair work that does not affect the mechanical operation of the vehicle, the structure of the vehicle or vehicle safety features (such as impact sensors and airbags) may continue to do so even if they do not hold a tradesperson’s certificate.”

In November 2017, MTA NSW CEO, Stavros Yallouridis and Divisional Manager, Brenton Daniel, met with the new Commissioner for NSW Fair Trading, Rose Webb, and the Director, Consumer Protection, Michael Cooper.

The meeting was conducted, on behalf of our Members, to raise concerns and the business implications arising from an amendment to the Motor Dealers and Repairers Regulation 2014 on 29 September 2017 that would affect businesses in the tyre fitting and related industries. This was in relation to the definition of “repair work” and the need to have a tradesperson’s certificate and licence.

The Association would like to thank the Commissioner and NSW Fair Trading for the issuing of this Statement of Regulatory Intent which will alleviate the concerns raised by the Association on behalf of our Members.

For further information, please refer to the NSW Fair Trading Statement of Regulatory Intent - Tyre Fitting Repair Work

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