Proposed changes to repair classes and qualifications

We were given the opportunity to provide a submission on the proposed changes to repair classes and qualifications under the Motor Vehicle Dealers and Repairers Regulation 2014. Since 1980, MTA NSW has supported these regulations as they provide a structure for consumer protection and clear qualifications for repairers.

With the automotive industry rapidly evolving, NSW Fair Trading emphasises the need for flexible regulations. 

While new repair classes address technological advancements, we question other proposed changes. Our submission calls for a balanced approach that ensures industry competence, promotes worker mobility, and maintains consumer confidence without overregulation. 

Given the current state of the industry, there is an urgent requirement that the NSW government moves quickly to ensure that repair classes are approved so that businesses can have certainty and that the industry can begin training for new repair classes

Read the full submission to explore our recommendations that will shape the future of NSW automotive regulations.
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