Retail Automotive Industry Response to the 2023 Franchising Code Review

In August this year the Federal Minister for Small Business, The Hon Julie Collins MP announced that the Federal Government would launch a comprehensive review of the Competition and Consumer (Industry Codes – Franchising) Regulation, otherwise known as the Franchising Code.

The Minister appointed Dr Michael Schaper to lead the review and report back to the Minister later this year.

The review of the Franchising Code (in relation to automotive) will evaluate previous changes to the code as well as examine proposed changes. The review will examine the Franchise Disclosure Register and specific new dealership protections which exist under the Code. Importantly the review will consider including farm and industrial, motorcycle, and truck dealers under the Code.

The Motor Trades Association of Australia (MTAA) – the national body of which MTA NSW is a member of – appointed HWL Ebsworth Lawyers to assist MTAA in lodging a comprehensive submission to the review on behalf of the automotive industry.

You can find a copy of our response HERE.

MTA NSW is pleased that the submission to the Review includes sections from the NSW Motor Dealers and Repairers Act, an amendment of which is currently before the NSW Parliament.

The Review is due to hand down its findings towards the end of the year and MTA NSW will provide members with information on those findings once they have been handed down.

Should you have any questions please contact MTA NSW at 9016 9000 or [email protected].


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