Complaints & Fair Trading

During vehicle ownership or vehicle purchasing, there may be situations where you encounter unexpected concerns with repairs, servicing or with the vehicle itself. 

Steps to Resolve Issues You May Have

1. Speak or write to the appropriate person in the automotive business such as the customer service representative, manager etc.
2. Clearly outline what your issue is. Include any relevant dates and who you interacted with.
3. Propose a resolution that you'd find satisfactory, such as a repair, replacement, or refund.
4. Maintain open communication and be receptive to the business's perspective and potential solutions they may offer.
5. Set a reasonable timeframe for resolving the issue. Please conduct your own research into the issue and how much time is generally needed to rectify them.
6. Provide your contact information for easy communication.
7. Throughout the process, be calm, courteous and respectful in your interactions.

What Happens Next and Helpful Links

By following these steps, you can initiate a productive dialogue and increase the chances of reaching an amicable resolution.

In situations where you have followed these steps with an MTA NSW member and have not reached a solution, you can submit a Consumer Enquiry Form with us. We will then contact either the member or yourself about mediating the issue. Click this link to access the form: Consumer Enquiry Form

However, if you have followed the above steps and have not reached a resolution, or if you have followed the numbered steps and the business is not an MTA NSW member, you can click the following link to the NSW Fair Trading website for further guidance: Resolving issues | NSW Fair Trading

And for more information about what is needed to lodge a NSW Fair Trading Complaint and what the process may be thereafter, click this link: Consumer guarantee directions | NSW Fair Trading

Please note that MTA NSW cannot provide consumers with legal advice.
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